Katharina Woll

EXIT I יציאה

EXIT I יציאה


director: Katharina Woll
dop: Daniel Binsted
producer: Dana Gal, Markus Kaatsch
editor: Katharina Woll
with: Heidi Moses, Judah Moses, Sarah Murray, Henja Murray
runtime: 24 min.
dffb in coproduction with tel aviv university and the generous support of deutsch israelischer Zukunftsfonds


EXIT is a film about two women who left the ultra-orthodox community. One is Heidi Moses, daughter of the chairman of United Torah Judaism party. Heidi grew up in the ultra-orthodox neighbourhood Bnei Brak and was forced to marry at the age of 17. Always wanting to escape the religious life, she had the courage to get a divorce when she was 24 years old and managed to take her two kids with her. Today she is a lesbian living a secular life in Tel Aviv and fighting for women’s rights especially within the ultra-orthodox community. Heidi meets Sarah. She grew up in the U.S. and turned religious at the age of 18 when she met her future husband and moved to Israel. They had six children and lived a very strong dedicated religious life until she felt that she was living the wrong life. She got a divorce at a Rabbinical court in 2012. Since then she is fighting to see her children more than once a week and outside the rabbinical day care center.
The film portrays the two women who are very different but have one thing in common: having to deal with the consequences from leaving the ultra-orthodox community.